CSCS & Renewal Tests

We are an approved CITB Internet Test Centre. We deliver Health, Safety & Environmental Tests, as well as CPCS Renewal Tests.

Walk-in appointments are available on a daily basis – please contact us if you would like to make a booking.

CITB Health, Safety & Environmental Tests

The CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test is an important way for construction workers to show that they can be safe on the job. It’s also a way for them to know that their fellow workers are as safe on the site and not put them at risk of injury.

For employers, having workers who’ve passed the CITB HS&E test is assurance that their workforce are and can continue to be safe at work.

Structure of the test

The HS&E test is made up of 50 questions covering five core knowledge areas:

  • legal and management
  • health and welfare
  • general safety
  • high risk activities
  • environment

Candidates have 45 minutes to answer the 50 questions. The test now includes new question styles. Behavioural case studies are also used in the test to check a candidate’s understanding of health, safety and environmental issues, and how to behave safely on-site.

There are three types of HS&E test:

  • Operatives
    The Operatives test ensures workers have a minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness before going on site. This test covers the five core knowledge areas listed above (see Structure of the test).
  • Specialists
    These tests include questions about the five core knowledge areas as well as relevant questions in the chosen specialist areas. The Specialist test can be taken in the following topics:
    – Supervisory (SUP)
    – Demolition (DEM)
    – Plumbing (JIB) (PLUM)
    – Highway works (HIW)
    – Specialist work at height (WAH)
    – Lifts and escalators (LAEE)
    – Tunnelling (TUNN)
    – HVACR – heating and plumbing services (HAPS)
    – HVACR – pipefitting and welding (PFW)
    – HVACR – ductwork (DUCT)
    – HVACR – refrigeration and air conditioning (RAAC)
    – HVACE – services and facilities maintenance (SAF)
  • Managers and Professionals
    This test covers the same five core areas but also includes questions on the following topics:
    – Construction (design and management) regulations
    – Demolition
    – Highway works

Please visit the CITB website for revision material – CITB HS&E Revision Material

About the CPCS Renewal Test

To renew your CPCS Blue Competent Operator card, you must take and pass the CPCS Renewal Test. The test makes sure that you have kept your knowledge of each plant category or group of categories held on your card up-to-date.

The tests are designed to cover the essential knowledge that is expected of experienced plant operators. These tests have been developed with industry to meet the needs of construction plant and trades.

Each test is 15 minutes and you will be required to take a renewal test for each group of categories that you hold on your card. Please view the NOCN Online Renewal Test Tool to find out which test(s) you need to take and prepare: NOCN Job Cards Renewal Test Tool 


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