Fire Marshall

Course Outline

Fire Marshalling training is delivered in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and ensures that delegates are fully qualified to become a designated fire warden in their workplace. The course is an excellent accompaniment to our Fire Extinguisher Practical course and provides a more in-depth understanding of the different types of fire, how they are caused, and how to prevent them.

Course Content

• Course introduction

• Ensuring legal compliance

• Fire prevention techniques

• Stopping fires from spreading

• Extinguishing fires (portable extinguishers and fixed installations)

• Assessing risks and hazards

• Safe procedure to follow in the event of a fire

• Why fire drills are necessary

• Fire alarms, sprinklers and fire doors

• Different types of fire and their characteristics

• Fire extinguisher colour coding

• Inspections and recording (fire log)

Duration and Certification

1/2 Day – Awareness Certificate of Training – valid for three years.

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