GMCT’s Policies & Procedures

Complaints Procedure

Greater Manchester Construction Training Ltd is committed to providing a consistently high quality of service and although the majority of the time our training and services are provided to a very high standard, occasionally things do go wrong. We welcome feedback from our customers, and complaints are a valuable source of information to help us:

➢ Improve the standard of services we deliver ➢ Put things right when they have gone wrong and ➢ Learn from our mistakes

The aim of this policy is to provide a fair consistent and structured process for our customers if they are dissatisfied with the service they have received.

Emphasis is placed on resolving complaints as quickly as possible and we will ensure that our staff are equipped to deal with complaints efficiently and effectively and any lessons learnt from complaint investigations will be used improve performance.

Customers can expect to receive a consistently high quality service when they contact any member of staff with a complaint and we will deal with all complaints promptly and with courtesy and efficiency.

When dealing with complaints GMCT will:

➢ Treat all complaints seriously and confidentially
➢ Maintain a log of complaints received
➢ Monitor the nature of complaints to identify any weaknesses
➢ Learn lessons from complaints
➢ Monitor our performance in complaint handling against agreed targets

All complaints will be dealt with confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act A complaint at any stage of the procedure may be made by telephone, in person, on feedback questionnaire, by email or by fax.

There are 2 ways GMCT will deal with the complaint dependant on;

1. Is the complaint regarding GMCT?
2. Is the complaint regarding the qualification?

You can inform us of a complaint at

Ian Eardley        – Head of Centre – 01706 559292
Email                  –

Greater Manchester Construction Training Ltd
333 – 335 Manchester Road
OL11 3PQ


Contact the awarding organisation or the regulator as identified in your support information provided at induction.

Complaints against GMCT

Stage 1
Any member of staff can receive a customer complaint and should attempt to resolve the issue, if it is not possible to resolve a complaint immediately, the complainant will be informed of the complaints procedure, any action to be taken and the timescale involved. The majority of complaints will be considered at stage 1 of the process allowing the opportunity to resolve the issue quickly, however in certain circumstances it may be necessary for a complaint to go to stage 2 of the process for example if the complaint is complex and requires a more detailed investigation. Timescales – full response within a maximum of 10 working days, if it is not possible to resolve the complaint immediately. If at the end of stage 1 of the procedure the complainant remains dissatisfied, they will be advised that they have 28 days from the date the response was given in which to request that the complaint is progressed to stage 2.

Stage 2
A member of the management team will acknowledge the complaint, carry out a review of the complaint and inform the complainant of any action to be taken and the timescale involved. They will keep the complainant informed of the progress of the investigation and send the final response. Timescales – acknowledgement within 5 working days and full response within a further 15 working days. We aim to resolve all complaints within the above timescales, however, if a complaint is very complex it may occasionally be necessary to extend the time limit. If this is the case we will keep the complainant informed of progress with the investigation, the reasons for the delay and inform them of the new deadline.

All staff can provide advice on complaints procedure, deal and resolve complaints at stage 1. The management team is responsible for dealing with all complaints at stage 2.

All staff to have access to the complaints file and record each complaint.

The management team are responsible for overseeing all complaints and ensuring that they are dealt with promptly and within the agreed timescales.

At any point if deemed appropriate the complaint can be escalated to the awarding organisation or the qualification regulator.

GMCT are committed to continually improving the services we deliver, information gained from complaints can be a valuable tool in identifying the needs of our customers and developing our services to meet those needs.


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